Ledgers in FICO

You define the ledgers that are used by you in General Ledger Accounting. The ledgers are based upon a totals table. Using the delivered standard totals table FAGLFLEXT is recommended by SAP. The Ledgers that are available are mentioned as follows:
Ledgers in FICO
Leading Ledger:
The leading ledger is classified in to three types. They are:
  • Two additional currencies apart from Local Currency
  • Fiscal year variant
  • Posting period variant

Note: Only the values from the leading ledger are posted to CO in standard system.
  • Group currency: Group currency is the currency which is specified in the client table or which is to be entered there.
  • Hard Currency: Hard currency is a country-specific second currency which is used in countries with high inflation.
  • Index-based currency: Index-based currency is a country-specific fictitious currency which is required in some countries with high inflation for external reporting (for example, tax returns).
  • Global company currency: Global company currency is the currency which is used for an internal trading partner. Maintaining the two parallel currencies would highly impact the system performance as the system is preparing additional two ledgers, besides the normal ledger.

  • Index-based currency and Hard currency are maintained at country key level (T.code: OY01)
  • Group Currency will update from the client currency (T.code: SCC4).
  • Global Company currency is maintained at company level (T.code: OX15).


Currency types in non-leading should be in line to leading ledger currency type’s i.e. currency types maintained at leading ledger and non-leading ledger is same.
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