SAP FI-MM-SD Integration

To know the link between FI-MM-SD, we should know the link between SD-MM, Next the link between SD-FI, later FI-MM and at last FI-SD integrations.
SAP FI-MM-SD Integration

Link between SD and MM:
  • When you create sales order in SD, all the details of the items are copied from Material master of MM.
  • MRP and availability check related data is also taken from MM although you control this data in SD also.
  • While you create inbound/outbound delivery with reference to a sales order, the shipping point determination takes place with the help of the loading group, plant data, shipping conditions etc. This also refers to Material Master.
  • The material which you are entering in a sales order must be extended to the sales area of your sales order/customer otherwise you cannot transact with this material.

Note: There are many such links between SD and MM.

Link between SD and FI:
  • Whenever you create a delivery with reference to a sales order, goods movement takes place in the background. E.g. In case of standard sales order, you create an outbound goods delivery to the customer.
  • Here movement 601 takes place. This movement is configured in MM. Also, this movement hits some G/L account in FI. Every such movement of good s hits some G/L account.
  • The accounts posting in FI is done with reference to the billing documents (invoice, debit note, credit note etc) created in SD. Thus this is a link between SD and FI
  • Tax determination: In case of a tax determination also, there is a direct link between SD and MM

Note: SD Integration points with other modules. SD module is highly integrated with the other modules in SAP.

Link between FI-MM:

Transaction code : OBYC (in easy access)
In this transcation we have to specify GL account codes for material valuation created by MM consultants. The process in MM is herebelow,
  • Purchase Order : Tr code ME21N - here no integration required with FI
  • Goods Issue : Tr Code MIGO - here no integratinwith FI
  • Invoice Reciept - Tr Code MIRO - here when the invoice is recieved & MM process the transaction based on OBYC configuration system will generate FI document. System also generates Material document as well
  • Payment : Tr code F110 - Here also the the transcation affects FI

Link between FI-SD:

This integration is done by using Tr Code VKOA. Here we have to define GL account codes to Condition types. The process is herebelow,
  • SD Raises Sales Order - No implication in FI
  • SD raises Delivery doc - No implication in FI
  • SD processes billing - no implication in FI
  • SD releases billing doc to FI - FI document gets generated (Tr Code VFX3)

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